We strive to end the cycle of illiteracy by recruiting and training dedicated volunteers, developing partnerships with other agencies and adapting programs to address emerging community needs.


Ways To Help

Join our efforts to create a future where all people in Erie and Niagara counties are literate!

There are many ways to get involved:


Our volunteers share our belief that that everyone in Erie and Niagara Counties deserves to be literate! The LBN volunteer program is very different than others of its kind. It takes commitment, dedication, communication and consistency to succeed in our goal. Being a literacy tutor is an ongoing commitment that takes time and intention.

That being said, being a tutor is also a rewarding and meaningful experience. If you are interested in our volunteer program, please don’t hesitate to sign up by clicking the button below.


Your donation supports programs that are vital to making our community a better place to live and work. It’s the most effective and efficient way to create lasting change, so every donation counts. Thank you for helping to improve lives locally!

Ways to donate include check or money order, online through PayPal, and by attending our yearly fundraising events.

Host A Fundraiser

You can host your own fundraising event in support of Literacy Buffalo Niagara! Consider organizing a game night, Scrabble competition, book club, or book drive — the fundraiser format is up to you.

Once you’ve chosen a date for your event, please call the main office or send an email notifying us when it will take place.

After the fundraiser has concluded, please send all donations to the main office. Checks can be made payable to “Literacy Buffalo Niagara.”

Literacy Buffalo Niagara
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203

Refer Someone

If you know someone that is interested in improving their reading or English-speaking skills, please refer them to us. Word-of-mouth is one of the most direct ways to communicate the message of our organization.

Attend An Event

Check out one of our annual public events, such as the Meat Raffle or Fall Fundraiser. These events act as important ways to raise awareness about struggles with literacy, plus help support us through fundraising and charitable donations. Plus, you’ll have a lot of fun!


You can help make a difference by spreading the word to your friends, family, and coworkers. You can also join formal advocacy efforts to raise awareness about literacy; our partner, ProLiteracy, has tools you can use to advocate for adult literacy.

Visit ProLiteracy.org or COABE.org to learn more about becoming a literacy advocate!

Other Ways To Get Involved

Invite us to speak to a group about our organization! Contact us to learn more.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Learn more about how you can do your part for literacy by becoming a volunteer or tutor!

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